Who is George Floyd.

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Who is George Floyd.

Unread post by capt.dan » June 4th, 2020, 2:03 pm

Who's George Floyd? Oh ya....I remember now. A single black man apprehended while breaking the law, killed by a single white cop excessively abusing his station and good judgement when using wrongful force subduing him. With the terrible last part all caught on film to the media's delightful consumption. Immediately Dropping the present CV-19 power grab opportunity to ruin a Great Presidents election chances, for an opportunity to bring about Socialism through cultural riots like Lennon did in 1922, when the Communist Reds were victorious and formed the Soviet Union. But America never had a king or a family Passed down Monarchy like Russia did, except maybe the Busch family. So those media communist lies, the temptations, the sporadic cultural mistakes we make, along with the need to weed out the bad apples in any free society, will always painfully need to be made.
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Unread post by FHB » June 4th, 2020, 2:20 pm

Right on as usual, Dan.

I'm having a conversation with my granddaughter about this, right now. She and her husband are thirtysomething childless millenium yuppie hipsters, and Bernie Bros. I'm right now trying to school them that the Virtue Signaling they're engaging in by supporting the current protests, are nothing compared to the real pain and suffering that were experienced by civil rights activists during the time from the beginning of the Civil War through the 1960s. Falling on deaf ears, I'm afraid. One thing that I've learned: If you want to find out how truly tolerant a liberal is, all you have to do is disagree with him. banghead
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Unread post by Dbl Dirty Dog » June 5th, 2020, 11:07 am

This why we have a 2nd Amendment.
Let's look at what the anarchists have in mind for this society. Disarm you so they can do with you and your family as they wish. A ruling class with privileges to disappear you or your family, live as a king, dictate what you may or may not think or say. Turn lawn clippings into a food group, that's after our pets have been eaten. Misery for all except for politically connected bureaucrats, ie: Communist Party sycophants.
Oh I almost forgot; turning all industry into an arm of the Communist Party, which today in this case is the Democrat Party.

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