Animal Abuser Notice.

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Animal Abuser Notice.

Unread post by capt.dan » January 28th, 2017, 10:27 am

Erin Sauls
Yesterday at 12:33am ·

Important warning to all: I, along with the others with missing kittens, are sick and tired of people saying he's "eating" them or anything like that!! These comments WILL be deleted from my post!! You are doing nothing but making the situation worse! Please be forewarned!

WARNING TO ALL RESCUES AND RESCUE PEOPLE!! Please watch for this man and, under no circumstances, adopt to him!! In a matter of two months, SIX KITTENS have disappeared that we know of!! Only one has been found! He likes to adopt in pairs! On January 9th, he adopted the two kittens that he's holding in the attached picture from my rescue, Angels for Animals of Michigan. Just the day BEFORE, he adopted two from another rescue!! One of those two was found crying yesterday on a ladies porch with frost bitten ears, so she was thrown out quite awhile ago! Her sister has not been found, and they were bonded. There are no signs of any cat items in his house, either! No food dishes, beds, toys, nothing! PLEASE SHARE WITH EVERYONE YOU KNOW!! His name is PAUL FARAIANU , from Brighton!!

UPDATE! The other rescues second kitty was just found. Our two are still missing, and he tried to adopt two from another rescue yesterday!!! He "got caught in traffic" then never showed, thank God!

UPDATE!! We have now learned of two more kittens missing from this guy, PLUS the AC officer went to his house and there were NO ANIMALS! Just this week, he adopted two from Adopt a Pet in Fenton!! That makes EIGHT that disappeared that we know of! Two have been found!! The other six, including our two babies (4 months old) are still missing!

Call it whatever you want. But Before I read one single word connected to this picture, (and I've seen many adoption pictures from Amazing Grace) I had a bad gut feeling concerning the look of this guy. I think we all have to be aware that in this big world there are mentally sick people, who for whatever reason, develop patterns of behavior that can be harmful, sometimes tortuous and even death relevant to not only other human beings, but often start with domestic animals we love and share this world with. These animal abusers of course can be or learn to be every bit as cunning as any serial killer, to accomplish their evil goals. Sadly, gut feelings about people like this will not thin their numbers out. 
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