This Bill must die or our fishery will.

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This Bill must die or our fishery will.

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House Bill 5108 - The DNR has taken an official position in opposition to this bill.
o Sponsors: Morgan, Alexander, Martin, Hoskins, Martus, Cavitt, Markkanen, Wegela, Bierlein,
Johnsen, Roth Borton, Kunse, Brabec, Coffia, Rheingans, Neyer, Byrnes, Snyder, Prestin Puri,
Hoadley, Jaime Green, Steele, Schmaltz, St. Germaine, Hood, Brixie, Aiyash, and Whitsett.
o This bill would significantly improve the profitability of the State-Licensed Great Lake
Commercial Fishery which has been reeling in recent years from the decline in lake whitefish
stocks which is currently their main commercial species by volume and value.
o Reopens lake trout and walleye to commercial harvest (Closed since the 1960s) as well as
expanding yellow perch commercial harvest across all regions of the Great Lakes. This bill
also adds smallmouth bass and sunfish (Bluegill, pumpkinseed, etc.) as commercial species
for the first time since 1928.
o Requires that the DNR annually establish a “Total Allowable Catch” for walleye, lake trout,
yellow perch and other listed sport species throughout the Michigan Waters of the Great Lakes
and requires that 25% of the annual harvest of these species be allocated to the commercial
o Establishes a 30-day lifting standard that requires fishers to lift and clear their nets of fish at
least once every 30 days.
o A new flat fee structure for fishing and wholesale licensing as well as updated fines and
penalties for commercial violations. Revenue would be generated through additional fees
assessed on the commercial harvest of walleye and lake trout.
o This bill updates fines and penalties for commercial fishing violations.
Establishes a defined set of commercial terms so all parties are operating a known and agreed
upon set of definitions.
o The bill prohibits the DNR from using Fisheries Orders to manage commercial fishing and
severely limits the department’s use of Administrative Rules.
o Establishes the Department of Natural Resources absolute authority to collect and handle fish
for scientific investigation and culture including the contracting with third parties when internal
capacity is lacking.

If you know any of these sponsors or simply want to give your disapproval of this travesty, contact them or your rep in Lansing.
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