Personal Limits.

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Personal Limits.

Unread post by capt.dan » July 9th, 2018, 10:50 am

Dan Manyen
47 mins
I've thought for the last couple days about how to or rather to post this in the best possible way, as not to offend anybody on either side of this issue. It comes after seeing a few derogatory remarks aimed at a poster, who took pictures of his Saginaw Bay 6 man limit catch Saturday (48 walleyes) in a pile, in the Hot Sun on his boat deck. Fact of the matter is, the legal Michigan limit per person is indeed 8. And how one takes care of them before processing, is incumbent on each catchers own determination and habits. As fishermen, we're all competitive by nature. Its part of that remaining ancient tribal DNA, that the best supplier of food got all the tribal respect and any of the physical or emotional goodies that went with it. Pictures in the forms of quality or quantity in todays world, are the only trophy's we as un-professional's will ever publically get to hold up, and will always mean more to some then to others. Early on in my own Charter/Guiding carrier, I recognized the rarity and often the learned and acquired skills involved in a successful fishing day, as well as the impact I personally felt I was having on the resource. It almost bordered on a Guilt feeling for Me, if the fish were coming to easy. Back then (Much like today) pictures of (Limits) got you more clients. But even then I had written stated standards that reflected my own environmentally conservative nature. We almost never fished for or kept my limit, unless I was personally taking them home. And I only allowed one female steelhead (per client) to be taken on each spring river trip. I have friends who still brag about the tonnage of walleye fillets they have in the freezers. If its legally ALLOWED, then there should be no shaming or discrediting discussions about it. But Consider these 2 pictures below. One is me holding the 25 1/2 inch walleye we caught first thing Saturday morning. This same fish was filleted and only that fish was cut into small nuggets and fried for supper last night. The second picture is the pile of fried fish flesh that one fish provided. We have half of that same fish left for some walleye sandwiches this afternoon. Again, a perspective from a guy who lives 20 minutes from Living Room Lazy Boy to Spark Plug. So take from that and from this post what you will.

Tim G King I'm offended! That I did not get to eat some of that wonderful Fried walleye..Maybe I should go fishing..

Jesse Qualls I know what picture you are talking about. I just figured they put the fish out for the picture. Why everyone has to assume and get but hurt over everything is beyond me...

Now, being only 20 minutes from your recliner to spark plug, that sir is what's offending!!! Or is that just envy, because that is mostly what everyone gets up set about. They are jealous!

Charles Boeneman This is just my opinion taking taking anything under a 15in is like shooting Bambi's and I believe there should be a slot limit put on the Great Lakes how to preserve a walleye fishing for upcoming kids and new people just starting to fish

Dan Manyen Believe it or not, 13 inches was Michigan's legal walleye length law for many years when I was growing up. My DNR bio-buddy and I have had many discussions about the smaller keep length. He has some solid and public beneficial arguments, as long as our natural reproduction recruitment stays high. Sad part is, nobody knows that until the fallowing September. But that's why they have the (change any time) rule on the regulation. But that also has it problems. I just recently E-mailed my bud about what he sees as any change to this law. His Response: Dan:

I’m still working this data up, so its not fully ready to share. We’ll have them ready a little before the August 7th Advisor’s meeting. Meanwhile below is the press release that the Department had on the topic. The big spike in harvest in 2017 was due to the 2018 winter fishery (we often examine the annual harvest based on a ‘fishing year’ which is the open water season combined with the following year’s ice fishery so it’s like a 2017/18 collection of months). The total harvest is a record in modern times so it has everyone asking if we should be reducing the bag limit or making changes to the length limit. Normally we contemplate those issues in February of each year (with all the data and analysis laid out before us) but if we move to a more restrictive regulation, our Law Enforcement people tell us we have to have it actually printed in the guide, we can’t just depend on the 1-800 number to get the word out or its unenforceable. So the earlier printing deadline of the annual fishing guide is forcing us to contemplate regulation changes earlier than we normally would. Becoming more restrictive doesn’t necessarily mean going back to 5 and 15” but could be something anywhere between 5/15” and the current 8/13”. I’m trying to get as much preliminary analysis done as I can to help advise the decision makers (the fishery managers). Get back to me in about three weeks and I may have more to share.
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Unread post by sagbay » July 9th, 2018, 12:13 pm

Good read thumbs_up
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Unread post by Chamookman » July 10th, 2018, 3:21 am

Well said Danno !
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