Hooked on Hopium?

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Hooked on Hopium?

Post by capt.dan » March 7th, 2021, 9:57 am

As Biden continues to tears the guts out of America, many people are loosing hope that either Trump will act himself or rather America's people will need to do so in some shape or form. Many American's want to storm the white house to fortify our freedoms before their all gone or mandated away. Some see the very slow hand or righteousness and our seemingly cowardly and sterile justice systems as breaking their oaths and letting the people down. So it then becomes the peoples problem to fix as it was that April morning at Concord Bridge in 1775. History has taught us that everything it seems but injustices themselves move at a snails pace and talk becomes just that "Talk". And in the face of these seemingly unstoppable domestic frauds and Treason acts, a new American word has emerged used by those who believe now is the time for blood to take back America.

This new word "Hopium" mocks those who would wait for the remaining honest people in government and the scales of justice to level themselves out. Many of us clear thinking patriots understand those frustrations and mentally hang those treasonous guilty parties in our own minds over and over again every day, believe Me. And I'm convinced all would fight with more then words, if ever pushed to that by these new American communists. But for just a little time more, words and Hopium I believe is the right course of action. History teaches us that Hopium is indeed a new word for encouraging cautionary thinking, faith in God and letting the scales of justice slowly tilt back. And it just might in the long run, end up being a winning strategy without spilling Patriots blood.

FDR and his Hopium fireside chats were a series of evening radio addresses given by this popular U.S. President between 1933 and 1944. Roosevelt spoke with familiarity to millions of Americans about recovery from the Great Depression then again during both the bad and good news about WW II.

Winston Churchill single handedly kept the faith of the British people alive during Dunkirk, Rommel's early North African Victories, the German bombing Blitz, the German U-boat blockades and a dozen other bad news events they endured, using his own type of hopium speeches that continued to give all of England's devastated people the hope and the courage they needed on a daily basis.

Listen to his almost prophetic inspirational words, that ironically still seem to be pointed at and have meaning in what we face today and keep the faith we stay as strong as the Brits were in their finest hours.

Not everyone will agree with, understand you, like you, appreciate your character, personality or politics. Not even a few benefiting from your knowledge and/or generosity. But stay true to your beliefs and convictions.

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