Spy Novels aren't even this good.

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Spy Novels aren't even this good.

Unread post by capt.dan » July 22nd, 2017, 11:12 pm

Spy Novels aren't even this good. For those of you who fallow closely whats going on with our President and understand the recent controversy surrounding Trumps recent statements to the NYT about AG Sessions, I found this today as a post explaining what trump and Bannon are trying to do. And if true its both Diabolical and Genius. We'll see on the 27th when sessions will supposedly have an important announcement.

Our President Trump is several moves ahead in chess while everybody else is playing tiddly-winks!!

Re: Trump's comment about sessions-
think about it....
Here is a most interesting comment in the Sessions thread on CTH:

"Hmmm… it looks like my assessment this morning has just gotten more traction with Jeff Sessions statements today! It is so very funny to watch when President Trump and Bannon make some 3D moves … they aim at the SWAMP but sooo many people here at the CTH are collateral damage!

B(Bannon) and T(Trump) have been working on this from day one. There is no way they did not know Sessions was going to recuse. It was reported by the FAKE NEWS that Trump had a fit when he learned of the recusal. That was B&T playing kabuki theater. By recusing this freed up Sessions to do an amazing amount of work in 6 months … sanctuary cities going down, MS-13 going down, Muslim scammers going down, DACA going out, pedophiles going down, Internet dark site down… Meanwhile Sessions has multiple secret Grand Juries running…
And that is how it went for 6 months. So now, why would President Trump grant an interview to the one media org he hates most … The New York Slimes …. and then give them the most explosive bomb of the last couple of months? Think about it. The New York Slimes!

Sessions was so very cool, calm and collected in today's statement ….. if he was more into kabuki he would have seemed a little flustered but that just isn’t in him. The NYT has been played again!, the MSM has been played again! and many, many trumpers themselves here have been played due to collateral damage.

There were rumors last week …. Christmas in July, major development coming on the 27th. B&T, in co-operation with Sessions has set this all up for one simple reason. The Grand Juries have delivered and Jeffrey Beauregard Sessions is about to begin the BIGGEST prosecution of his career …. and he, Sessions, wanted B&T to distance themselves as much as possible!

Proof is in the pudding …. PDJT made this ‘massive’ announcement to the New York Slimes (his favorite trolling victim). Sessions knew and was prepared with a beautiful statement today … I am doing my job and will continue to do so. But the ABSOLUTE PROOF is the statement today by PDJT …. I have total confidence in Jeff Sessions.
Now all this is only my personal theory ,,,, but my advice to you all is NEVER doubt President Trump and buy more popcorn! God Bless President Donald J. Trump!"
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Unread post by sagbay » July 23rd, 2017, 12:29 pm

eusa_think I for one will stay tuned in anticipation :i-jail: Thanks for the tip :cheers: :pop:
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