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Debbie Stab-me-Now.

Posted: June 9th, 2017, 10:22 pm
by capt.dan
BREAKING NEWS: "The Democrats have now admitted that they illegally raised, reported, and spent millions of dollars that helped elect Debbie Stabenow over her more than 20 years in Washington DC and 43 years as an elected official. This is one of the largest fines ever levied by the Federal Election Commission and these crimes go back decades. Michigan voters deserve an exact accounting of how much of this illegal money was spent to help elect Debbie Stabenow over this time period. I am publicly calling on Debbie Stabenow to immediately donate $500,000 to charity - as a first step - to match the fine levied by the FEC for illegal money that was used to help elect her."…/democrats-fined- ... 102645846/