Traitors by Nature.

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Traitors by Nature.

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I pondered on a question involving Kerry this morning. Even While considering the wrong or right opinion of the Vietnam War. I both watched and lived through both of these 2 scums treasonous anticks during the Vietnam War that involved slander, lies and personal attacks on our fighting military men. Fonda of course, was just seeking public attention and recognitions in my View. But Kerry (like John Mccaine) initially used relatives, their influences and Bull Shitted their ways into lifelong/big money politics. McCaine first escaping any involvement and punishments (Via Admiral Daddy) as the pilot causing the explosions and fire on the carrier Forrestal that killed 300+ sailors in 1969. Then with his time spent in the Hanoi Hilton after being shot down and affectionately being known as "The Songbird" to the enemy. And Kerry with his appointment as a Swift Boat Commander in Vietnam. Both and all for those guaranteed political election rewards that brings. But then just as suddenly switched to the other side when suddenly seeing the political tide reversing course when he returned home. So/but how does a POS and political Schill like Kerry, find his way back into the good graces of the War loving Deep State and become one of their best spokesman tools, after all his lies and vendetta against that war. By the way don't try googling any of this info about either. That real and truthful information about either is considered conspiracy theories and buried in a book written about Kerry's avoidance of duty and cowardice while on duty, or back about 40 pages in the search for McCains hidden records.
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