Lifes Disappointments.

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Lifes Disappointments.

Post by capt.dan » January 16th, 2023, 2:06 pm

One thing I never did very much in my life was lie to myself. And in doing so, came to some conclusions long ago about the world in general. As I grew older, made mistakes, took some lumps and (IMHO) grew wiser, some of those stored conclusions changed a little, some a bunch. Having many of my childhood/lifelong hero agencies (FBI) (CIA) (DOJ) in our government as of late being exposed as treasonous felon's, has once again reconfigured my lifelong assumptions of not only America's government, but what really good or bad historic part America has played in virtually everything during my lifetime.

Its wasn't naivety on my part that kept me blindly honoring these men/women, who's solan oaths spelled out their duties to this country. As I've taken the time, read some books and studied some things said to be conspiracy theories or outright lies about both events and important people seeking America's approval. And when I think about each event now, it begins to make more sense, that these powerful (above the law) agencies had to be willing participants to "shape the narrative". "Shape the Narrative" yet another phrase that was foreign to me before this recent awakening.

A few events in my memory that I've dug into before and after my recent awakening come to mind. What real part did these agencies play in MLK, JFK and his brother Bobbys assassinations. The Gulf of Tonkin lie that strategically started the Vietnam War. The John McCaine cover up lies, hidden from the public by his then USN Admiral Daddy and the media, about his insubordinate part on the deck of the U.S.S Forestal, that started the fire and explosions killing 350 sailors, then later on during his war prison time in North Vietnams Hanoi Hilton, where the North Vietnamese guards affectionately gave him privileged treatment and called him "The Songbird". Then John Kerry's real lying, manipulative, made up record on the Vietnam Swift Boats, then his lies about GI's conduct in the field before Congress, just before he threw his Fake Purple heart over the Whitehouse wall marching with VN protestors. All either allowed, manipulated by or covered up by said conspiracy actors, to groom and shape these bribed leftist scum for future Deep State tasks. I cannot imagine what other things have been manipulated or shaped to this end that we'll never know about.
Not everyone will agree with, understand you, like you, appreciate your character, personality or politics. Not even a few benefiting from your knowledge and/or generosity. But stay true to your beliefs and convictions.

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