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Never Ever/Ever give up.

Post by capt.dan » November 23rd, 2021, 12:32 pm

As the Democratic Communists/Deep States plans and optics get exposed more and more daily and people of every stripe are waking up to them, we get closer and closer to what might just hopefully be a brighter future. But it's taking time and many of us are hating the useless/innocent deaths and the economic destruction being both blessed by and allowed by these Communist Democratic scum in power, during this seemingly long waiting period.

If one thinks back in time, these Democratic and future steering optics started looking bad right after JFK's assassination. One wonders now if the conspiracy theories back then, fed and eased our curiosities about that event and others, that seemed always to justify or cover those convenient Deep State tracks. Many of us young conservatives and virtually every democrat alive back then, had faith in the Government and simply thought through all those successive years, that the Government had our backs and that those wilder conspiratorial optics were just to absurd to possibly be true.

The recent thoughts about what's next in the Deep States plans to avoid failure, is for both Sniffy Joe and Hyena Harris to be both 25th amended right out of office. Then I believe your going to see the Democratic version of the "Anti Christ" illegally installed. A man or woman who will both act and appear to be 100% different then "Dementia Joe" and will spoon feed us deplorables our every wish to save the Deep States dupa. Their lie's and goals to destroy America of course won't change, just be approached from a much different angle.

We all have to persist in this fight against them, along with spreading the knowledge of what we've all learned since November 3rd. And long before that, when King Obama was installed firstly because of racial shaming and then again because of a cowardly Weak-Kneed challenger. Which in itself, was because of America's lost faith and bad choices of any politician we trusted to lead us out of that era's misery. So now because of Deep State fraud we have the ultimate misery in Biden. With little to no surprise left about what the Deep States plans are for America. We must recognize what their only course of action is and stay stead-fast to our own course, or we lose everything we're now gaining.
Not everyone will agree with, understand you, like you, appreciate your character, personality or politics. Not even a few benefiting from your knowledge and/or generosity. But stay true to your beliefs and convictions.

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