The Truth Often Hurts.

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The Truth Often Hurts.

Post by capt.dan » June 10th, 2021, 12:16 pm

Hammerhead812 • 4 hours ago
The "Truth" only works when people believe it.
if no one believes it, doesn't matter.

No your wrong Hammerhead. The truth always works, is always there and always known by the most skilled teller of lies. Its why the more intelligent, less naïve, less power hungry but more socially oriented of mankind has survived at all, yet sadly continues to give birth to the growing herd of genetic deaf and blind sheep of mankind, continually giving fodder to the lying wolves to prey apon. BUT TRUTHS ONLY WORK WHEN PEOPLE ACT APON THEM.

I'm still absorbing truths disguised as self told lies in my own life that I've known in my gut have always been truths, yet I've resisted and repressed their real, fond but often hurtful memories and the real changes they'd bring me. We have IMV this final opportunity before the majority become like the Morlocks in the movie "The Time Machine" who simply become the mindless, fatted sheep conditioned and waiting for that sirens death Nil.

Not everyone will agree with, understand you, like you, appreciate your character, personality or politics. Not even a few benefiting from your knowledge and/or generosity. But stay true to your beliefs and convictions.

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