Thoughts on Orlando


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Thoughts on Orlando

Unread post by jaybe » June 16th, 2016, 5:07 pm

For the past few days I've been seeing various posts concerning the Orlando shootings and thought it was time to add my own.
Seems like everyone is passionate about this terrible event - and that's good. We ought to be moved emotionally whenever human lives are snuffed out, regardless of how it happens or who the victims are.
It seems to me, however, that many people who claim to have the answer to the problem are only looking at symptoms, not the root of the problem.
We are all informed enough to know that if a person has pneumonia, you don't just treat the cough, but the infection that's causing it. We also know that if our car engine is making a strange noise, just turning up the radio isn't going to really fix it. So why do we think that taking guns away from people will stop the killing? And why do we think that limiting the number of people of a certain group coming into this country will stop the killing?
Were there killings before fully automatic weapons were invented? Did people take out their anger on others before the great influx of immigrants into this country? The answer is, of course, yes.
I'll cut to the chase. The reason there are killings like this latest event, or any other you can think of is a problem of the heart. You might call it a "lack of love", or you might refer to it as "anger out of control", but the Bible calls it the reaction or response of a heart that is out of touch and out of tune with God. The Bible declares that we are all sinners - that's how we are born - with the natural inclination to sin. It takes on many forms, and varied degrees, but any and all of our actions, words and thoughts that are contrary to God's standards as set forth in His Word are sin. And that's why we need a Savior who can deliver us from our sin. As long as we are in these bodies we will not be free from the influence of our sinful, human natures.
Jesus Christ paid the entire penalty of our sin - He took it in our place. If and when we accept that - acknowledging that we truly are sinners and there is nothing except His sacrifice that is sufficient for our pardon - God changes our heart. He puts His Spirit into our heart and gives us new purpose and new direction in life.
And His Spirit will never lead us to kill another human being. The root of the problem will have been dealt with, not just the symptoms.
As I have other times on this forum, I would invite anyone reading this to contact me by PM or email and I would be glad to discuss this with you in greater detail.
Meanwhile, I trust that we will all stop and think about our own reactions to the Orlando killings. Are we passionate about getting at the root of the problem, or just taking a band-aid approach to the symptoms?
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Unread post by capt.dan » June 26th, 2016, 12:34 pm

ROOT' That part of the plant, usually protected and hidden under ground, that both anchors and draws life giving water and nutrients from the soil and sustains healthy plant growth throughout it's own life cycle. Weeds have roots as well. Strong roots. Cut the tops off weeds AND THAT SAME WEED REGENERATES AND GROWS BACK IN IT'S PLACE. Weeds in a flourishing garden need to be either steadily or permanently removed or eliminated, to allow that gardens productive fruit or vegetable expansion and growth. It's up to each gardener to decide how aggressively or passively to handle the weed problem. But it matters much to any future plantings. That's all I'll say on the mater, except that I HATE WEEDS and/or people who pretend they don't see them and refuse because of misplaced feelings to pull them out.. :wink:
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