Capt.Dans Waypoint Packages.

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Capt.Dans Waypoint Packages.

Unread post by capt.dan » September 18th, 2016, 1:15 pm

After loosing briefly all my Professionally formatted waypoint number packages after a PC Crash, which included technique tips, pictures, topo Bay map locations of each waypoint, vital area bait shop, restaurant and Motel information and phone numbers, including the WP numbers themselves with some of the packages, all that I used to sell on my old charter web page. A total that included almost 50 years of saved and select fishing waypoints, most from the 23 years of river guiding and Bay chartering, finding and saving those repetitive best starting points on the Saginaw Bay, some beginning as far back when using my very first Lowrance land based GPS. I was just today lucky enough to discover and recovered them all. I've had to turn down a few requests recently for these popular packages in the last year or so. Or I simply substituted and sold just a few of them that I had personally placed and used in plane formatted script for my own personal use. But now I have them all back and for sale in their much more useful forms and very reasonably priced.

They are separated in seasonal times of year and spot/section specific Bay area locations mostly on the inner Bay, that each one covers if anybody is interested in purchasing them. Also have all inclusive packages that cover virtually EVERY QUESTION, locations, Phone NUMBERS OF LOCAL businesses and their hours open for out-of-towners coming to fish. Each item can be paid for with check or Pay Pal, and I simply attach the chosen file you purchase in an E-mail attachment to you. You then save, download and/or print for reference wen needed. PM for purchase or details.

Click on My photo gallery to view years of success using my numbers:

Capt.Dan_all summer.pdf (7.6 MB) 92 waypoints

Capt.Dan_ice_north.pdf (919 KB) 18 waypoints

Capt.Dan_ice_south.pdf (1.4 MB) 14 waypoints

Capt.Dan_Spring_Pre/Post_Spawn.pdf (1.0 MB) 9 waypoints

Capt.Dan_Summer_NorthEast.pdf (1.5 MB) 13 waypoints

Capt.Dan_Summer_SouthEast.pdf (1.3 MB) 23 waypoints

Capt.Dan_Summer_West.pdf (1.4 MB) 25 waypoints

Capt.Dan_Complete Ice Package (1).pdf (5.0 MB) 32 waypoints

Capt.Dan_Sag_river all (1.8 MB) 8 waypoints
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