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Unread post by sagbay » December 12th, 2018, 1:20 pm

Senate Bill 1145 (S-1) as passed by the Senate
Sponsor: Sen. Tom Casperson
House Committee: Tourism and Outdoor Recreation
Senate Committee: Natural Resources
Complete to 12-11-18

Senate Bill 1145 would amend the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act
to allow the commercial fishing of lake trout in Lake Superior and Lake Michigan. (Sports
fishing for lake trout is currently permitted, within seasons and limits as provided by rule.)
Specifically, the bill would rescind rules R 299.771 and R 299.791 of the Michigan
Administrative Code. Those rules have respectively prohibited the commercial fishing of
lake trout in Lake Superior since 1962 and in Lake Michigan since 1965.

Senate Bill 1145 is unlikely to affect costs or revenues for the Department of Natural
Resources or local units of government.

MUCC has concerns with SB 1145, which we understand could allow bi-catch of lake trout in Lake Superior and Lake Michigan under a state commercial fishing license--which has been prohibited since the 1960s. By rescinding the two rules that prohibit the practice, a Director’s Order would have to be changed to allow it. Of course, we have no idea the impact because we don't know the future DNR Director and what they would do either.

The bill, as introduced, also repeals section 46701. This would mean that the various commercial regulations in Fisheries Order would automatically become illegal and revert back to statutory language (which are far more conservative). The DNR believes they’ve agreed to keep this section intact.
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Unread post by Ruler2112 » December 12th, 2018, 6:51 pm

Absolutely fantastic! Yet another species of fish that's going to be sold out by the rotten state with the corrupt greedy politicians. :( :( :( I never even tried for whitefish this past year because it's so abysmal since the DNR granted the commercial fisherman working the area a license to take them, they've been talking about letting them keep walleye out of the bay, and now this... :(

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