Deer Hunters oldy.

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Deer Hunters oldy.

Unread post by capt.dan » October 19th, 2018, 11:34 am

With this persistent wind crippling all but the most strident of boat using fishermen, I seen, thought and hope you guys don't care, that I shared this old Hunters video from 1949. There are a couple of PC things I seen in it that made me chuckle a bit. But over all a Great old show. It Brought back some great memories for Me and it might for you older guys who remember the Vehicle Fairy to the U.P. before the Big Mac was erected. . My first year in the deer woods was 1964 I believe. We hunted Michigan's Black River area, very near that small river town and its close proximity at its very Mouth to Lake Huron. We Stayed on a locals farm cabin, owned by a relation of My Dads best friend Joe Beason. 30/30 Winchester lever action Model 73 was my weapon (dads first rifle) and I possessed one of our States rare and newly issued (back then) doe permits. The whole group experience, those very first sights, smells and personal interactions with friends and family, get forever etched into any very young mind and character. I believe they both teach and later become a big part of who you later become in life. With my heart in my throat as I watched her Approach, I shot a big doe right at daylight opening morning. Both dad and I tracked her right to the shoreline of Lake Huron where we dressed her out, as Big waves drowned out all but dads shouted instructions to me in the gutting process. It was as surreal and as perfect a first hunt as it could get for me and my first deer hunt with My Dad.

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Unread post by Chamookman » October 20th, 2018, 2:48 am

Kewl !
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