2019 Walleye Regs.

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2019 Walleye Regs.

Unread post by capt.dan » August 31st, 2018, 3:51 pm

Happy or Sad Recommendation for no change in the Saginaw Bay walleye regulations for 2019
Fri, Aug 31, 2018 2:26 am
Hi Everyone,
Randy Claramunt has sent Fisheries Chief, Jim Dexter, his recommendation on the walleye regulations in Saginaw Bay for 2019. After careful consideration, the recommendation was no changes to the current regulations for 2019. Randy’s recommendations and the reasons for the decision are below:
Randy’s comments and recommendations on the Saginaw Bay walleye regulations for 2019
The LHCFAC reviewed the Saginaw Bay Walleye regulation and assessment data in February, 2018, and provided a recommendation to keep the regulations the same for this current fishing season (2018) but some of the representatives and fisheries managers wanted to consider scaling back the bag limit for 2019. Note that the process of changing the regulations in April, after review in February, is not possible as previously thought when the regulation scheme was first developed. There was concern about retaining the liberal regulations through 2019, but because the 2018 winter harvest data were not yet available, no formal recommendation was finalized through the LHCFAC at that time. Once the recent harvest information was available, we recorded a record harvest and when added to the stock assessment models it resulted in a higher stock size. However, management’s view was that a modest reduction in the bag limit would alleviate some social concerns of excessive harvest during certain times of the year (i.e., ice fishery) and represent a very modest reduction in angler opportunity. However, the stock assessment models provided by the research section had a strong influence on the LHCFAC and the committee’s vote was strongly in favor maintaining the existing regulations.
After consultation with research section on the confidence of the stock assessment models and based on the recommendation from the LHCFAC, there will be no proposed changes to the walleye regulations for the 2019 fishing season.
Randall M. Claramunt
MDNR – Fisheries, Lake Huron Basin Coordinator
Oden State Fish Hatchery, 8258 S. Ayr Road, Alanson, MI 49706
Office: 231-347-4689 xt 22; Cell: 231-622-3820
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