Native Rights: Where Great Lakes Tribes can fish

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Native Rights: Where Great Lakes Tribes can fish

Post by sagbay » April 26th, 2021, 6:31 pm

Native Rights: Where Great Lakes Tribes can fish and how much is up for debate eusa_think
The rules that govern fishing in the Great Lakes – commercially and for sport – are about to change, perhaps dramatically. That’s because Great Lakes fish are a shared resource, and because of profound changes in fish populations, there is less to share.

It’s difficult to know exactly what will change. By design, negotiations between the federal government, the state of Michigan and five Native nations over Great Lakes fishing rights are opaque: The talks happen behind closed doors with a judicial gag order in place.

On the legal end of things, here’s what we know: Read more . . .
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Post by capt.dan » April 26th, 2021, 9:06 pm

Pull all public DNR/Fisheries funding for the planting of Salmon & Lake Trout until it hurts. Lets put the word "Native Species" back where it belongs and see how long these phony, compassionate and native stewards of the land last . Pull all future and present Casino License permits built on Non-Tribal properties. Boycott all the Casino's period. They've enjoyed to much off the backsides and the funding of the sportsmen in this state for much to long. Then have the balls to address the non-Indian licensed commercial fisheries before it to pulls the wrong Jinga block and the whole Lake Huron fishery collapse's. These sly BS special favors, disguised as native reparations and grandfather clauses have to stop in favor of all the people sharing, enjoying and eking out a living from this resource. I've never taken a scalp, killed a Buffalo or hid behind special considerations to be treated special or differently, and I'm sorry for but resent those that have and continue to do.
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Post by luckoverskill » April 27th, 2021, 8:09 am

Well said Cap't. The "special interest groups" are ruining our country and this is another example of people taking advantage of their situations because america owes it.

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